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Shonnon Schey reviewed Bay Area Martial Arts
via Facebook

I signed my kindergartener daughter in the six-week promotion to see if she would enjoy martial arts. I knew after her first class that this was going to be truly enriching for her, and she loves going to her classes.
I love that the classes are age specific- and you can see how the teaching styles are geared towards each age group. As explained by Sensei Adrian in our assessment- four-year-olds and seven-year-olds are capable of different things at different times. Having them in age-appropriate classes will help them succeed because they are with their peers.
The instructors are firm but fair, and are amazing with a large group of kids. They don't coddle anyone, they have the same expectations of everyone.
I'm proud of how my daughter has taken to BAMA in such a short time. She has gotten stronger and already shows more self discipline (as much as can be expected from a five-year-old)!
My husband and I are so happy that we found Bay Area Martial Arts!

Christina Chandler reviewed Bay Area Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son just started and I already can see the difference in him. Thank you. This place is GREAT! You all should see if your child or children like it.

Leah Martin reviewed Bay Area Martial Arts
via Facebook

My 13 year old son started at the dojo when he was 5 and my 9 year old daughter started when she was 3. Bringing them here has turned out to be one of the best decisions that my husband and I made for our children. The amount of focus and discipline that they have learned through martial arts has encompassed all parts of their lives. Both are excellent students and know how to stick up for themselves. My daughter will not think twice about being an ally for someone else. I am blown away by their self confidence. They have learned that you can succeed at anything you put your mind to with hard work and perseverance.

While learning the skills of working hard and self esteem, students get a great work out and have fun with Sifu Adrian and Sensei Ceci. They create a nurturing environment where children learn skills at their appropriate developmental stage. They have become family and I am forever grateful for all that they have done for my children.

Kelly Correll Brown reviewed Bay Area Martial Arts
via Facebook

My 7 year old son started at Bay Area Martial Arts in January of this year. After nearly 6 months I have seen such a change in him both physically and emotionally. My son was always scared of trying new things - like riding a scooter or doing a handstand - because his balance has never been that great. Martial arts has really helped him build confidence and the physical strength to try new things. Respect for yourself, your family, and people in the wider world is something that he is learning and doing. Sensei Adrian, Nate, and Ceci have been so wonderful not just to our son, but to our whole family. They really care about these kids - not just to make them ninjas (because lets face it... what kid doesn't want to be a ninja?!?!), but about helping them be the best version of themselves that they can be. Thanks so much you guys!!!!

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Proper Warmup – The Key to Sports Injury Prevention

Children and teens are involved in a myriad of physical activities and sports. And whether they are at a competitive or recreational level, the basic physical requirements are the same. In order to achieve optimum training levels, it’s important that the exercises prepare the athlete for the best physical outcome. The safest way to begin higher levels of training is with a proper warmup, which is an important piece to preventing injuries.

When people hear the term “warmup” in relation to physical activities, they generally think of stretching and, more specifically, static stretching that involves holding a certain position for a set amount of time. And while stretching is beneficial, the type of stretching prior to the actual activity or sport is key. A warmup that consists of dynamic stretching is most recommended by experts in sports medicine. This type of stretching involves moving your body through your own range of motion, while gradually increasing speed and reach.

During a warmup consisting of dynamic stretching the body is gently prepared for the more intense activity or sport to come. This should involve movements that are similar to those in your activity or sport but at a much lower level initially. As speed and intensity gradually increase, muscle temperature rises and heart rate increases. The increase in blood flow helps loosen joints and supplies the muscles with oxygen which helps them work more efficiently throughout the activity.

The end of a workout is the best time to work on static stretching. When muscles are warmed up properly, they are pliable and therefore, flexibility can be gained without overstretching. Maintaining good flexibility is important in injury prevention as well but it’s important to note that you don’t have to be overly flexible for this to happen. Moving through a healthy range of motion is enough. Overstretching can actually counteract the strength being gained through the activity.

The SKILLZ program class format was designed with this in mind. Since the foundation is rooted in martial arts, preparing the body, no matter what age, is essential in achieving skills required to further training. Each class begins with a set of movements that prepare the body for the skill-building drills that will follow. Once this part of the class is complete, students then go through a set of stretches that will help increase their flexibility and work through any muscles that may have tightened up during class. Throughout the class, the instructors make corrections to any movement to ensure proper execution.

Since so many children and teens are involved in physical activities and sports today, it’s important that coaches teach them the proper way to prepare their bodies for the workout ahead. Many do not warm-up enough and many do their warmups incorrectly. Taking time to teach children and teens the correct way now, will help prevent injuries and will give them a basic understanding of how to care for their bodies in future athletic activities.

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